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Dedicated to my sweet Marie.

To the little girl that was afraid to be herself.  To the little girl that was always so worried about what people thought of her. To the little girl that has big dreams to take over the world but never thought she was good enough.

May she find her strength in these words and remember that it was all a journey to get her here, to where she finds her joy.

Growing up Sasha Marie was described by her family  as head strong and sassy.  As she grew up, she was taught through experience that those things were not something that the world wanted that little girl to be.  Losing that part of herself that was a born leader in this world to a small spirit not wanting to be seen made her lose herself.  It wasn't until she was tested during the COVID-19 pandemic that she was forced to reflect on her thirty some odd years on this Earth and how she changed.  This space is created as a way to journal her journey to finding joy - an opportunity to find herself again.  

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