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A letter from my mother, age 3

Dear Sasha,

I watched you tonight as your Dad said, “Bedtime.” Off your siblings

went, no problem. You, on the other hand, stomped your foot and said, “No!”. Dad said, “NOW!” Again, foot stomp, blue eyes defiantly challenging your Dad, and I am snickering behind my hand covered mouth. I can see we are in for a time with you.

You have been showing this side of you from day one. I can see you will give us challenges, challenges as to how we discipline you, how we nurture this side, so it can benefit you in life. I wonder, as I know that you and I will clash. I know that stubborn steak you come by honestly. I can see our similarities, and that will prove to be a problem, as to who will dominate in the argument.

I also see a child that as you grow, I hope will change the world. You are my baby, the one with the most energy, the one who tests the waters with both feet, the one who, already, studies people and decides if you should talk to them or not. May this always stay with you, your instincts at three are amazing to me. So many hopes and dreams I have for you!

But first, bedtime......

I love you my baby girl!



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I think one of the greatest gifts we can give each other in the world is authenticity and vulnerability.  Something I avoided for a long time. 


So as one of my favourite people in the world, Glennon Doyle, once wrote, "be messy and complicated and not afraid to show up anyway."


Welcome to my mess.

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